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    smokey stover
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    Default recruitment & retention

    i am looking for any ideas on recruiting and retention of volunteers for a small town dept. i would also be interested hearing of any innovative incentives offered for both recruitment and retention of volunteer firefighters.
    good luck & stay safe

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    Look in Amazon.com for a book titled; Recruiting, Training and Maintaining Volunteer Firefighters: The Volunteer Firefighter a breed apart resource manual By Chief Jack W. Snook

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    I have a synopsis of ideas, concepts and suggestions on your subject. 2.5 pages long. Can send via US Postal or e-mail. Post address and it will be on its way.

    Chief of Department Paul E. Reichenbach

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    Bob Foust
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    See my response to "Callihan" under Pennsylvania Vol. Fire Chief in this forum. Good Luck, Chief 76-2

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    Scott Clark
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    I have had a lot of luck with this, but I have to many ideas to put down here. email me with an address whether it be an email or pony express and I'll send them to you.

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    I'm interested in all of your ideas as well. I'd appreciate if you would send them to me: phhodge at bigfoot.com

    Many thanks!


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    Hi, I am also interested in this information. Please e-mail if you don't mind. Thanks in advance!
    Just someone trying to help! (And by the way....Thanks for YOUR help!)

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