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    This seems weird me writing yall in here but I too have some questions and need guidence on this issue. Im 21 yrs old and my husband is 24, his father has been in the fire service for 23 years so my this is basically all my husband knows and wants to know (understandably). About a year ago he joined the VFD here and he is currently in Fire Academy. I am very supporitive with his decisions and the fire profession intrigues me, and I have even thought of persuing being a firefighter. I have 2 questions/comments......1 the VFD that he is involved with i feel is very inadequate and I feel like it is potentially dangerous in quite a few aspects. This Dept is made up of about 10 men and the 10 men that make up this Dept, other than my husband, range in ages between 32-50 or so. My problem with the dept is that I feel being a firedept regardless if it is volunteer with "volunteered" time need to have the basic knowledge of things such as CPR, some sort of rescue training, some sort of medical knowledge...basically more than it has right now but these men are not willing to do crap they all want to be the heroes but as a citizen Im not sure that I would really want these guys saving me nor do I think that that really have the basic knowledge that it takes to run a SAFE dept.. Other depts from around the state/area offer classes and mini training seminars that the chief lets everyone know about and it seems like my husband is the only one that goes to anything of the sort but when he gets back and tries to inform or enlighten the others about whats going on with basic stuff they brush him off because they dont care, and to me its just scary to think that heaven forbid I needed these guys to help me one day that my husband is at work because they are not capable of doing much of anything for me. So what I am getting at is how would you suggest that I as a citizen or my husband as a firefighter light a match under them and give constructive critism on how to ideas on how to better the dept.? 2. Like I said he is currently going to fire academy and my question on that is, is please point out the pros of going to school for it really worth it in the long run? They dont help him find a job afterwards or anything like that and to add to it, it seems to me that nothing but rookies are teaching this "academy" that he goes to...does that sound right to you? Rookies teaching 20 guys and calling themselves instructors? Do you not have to have some state backed certification to teach men/women how to be firefighters? It just seems odd to me thats all. Well if yall would please give me some feed back I would apprecitate it because really I just want other feed back from you guys that are living it too.

    Thanx, Rachel
    Dallas/Ft Worth Area, TX

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    This dept your husband joined, is it the same one his father was in? If so he had already been exposed to the way they "do things here", if its not then are you near a progessive dept he (or you) could join. Small membership leads to stagnation of ideas and falls into a rut of thats the way it works for us. Good for your husband to go to the academy and any training that is offered in your area. While it may or may not help you earn an income, the training and experience will help in the long run in any task that he puts his mind to. As to your second comment about rookies teaching rookies, you kind of gave your own reason why. The 10 other members in your husbands dept can't or won't learn new things so how can they teach. Don't give up on the fire service for your husband or yourself. Change takes time.


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    Rachel, You sure do have some legitimate concerns. As a 22 year veteran and Municipal Training Officer I can tell you his best protection for himself is to educate himself all he can. Going to the Fire Academy is a wise move on his part. You need to support him as much as possible on that. Also I have to agree with the earlier response that discussed the "Rookie Instructors". I don't think it's right to have rookies teaching, but there are some rookies out there that have more education and training than some Ten Year Veteran's I know! Instructor Manuals are pretty much idiot proof "I know that first hand". As long as they stick to the subject matter he will get the basics and he'll just have to work on getting experience. Suggestions - Have him attend seminars out of your local area and out of state. Also find a "Ride Along Program", with other fire departments. This is a great way to watch and learn how others do their jobs. Plus these Ride Along units are experienced with observer's and can become great teacher's on the fireground. If you have any further questions or concerns give me an email. Good luck and be safe.

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    Hi again, I was reading the posts on here that were made in reference to my original concern but I feel like I need to put some clarification to some things I did not point out. My husband is a volunteer in the town that we live in, his academy is in another town offered by a different dept., that dept brings in both rookies and veterans to teach different things, and his dad has been a "paid" firefighter for 23 years now at a fairly large dept here in the area. Whew...., there I hope that clears up some things that I didnt put earlier. His dads dept does offer ride outs that my husband( Brandon) does go out on, but I guess that I just see the inadequatice in this VFD that he is a part of and I dont know if it is typical and if not how to build it up and make it a better dept., personally if I was to be on a dept. I would want to be a part of a dept. that has integrity, and seeing that this dept. dosent but has potential I just need pointers on how to help boost it, in a positive and constructive way.

    Thanx Again, Rachel

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    Hello from the State of Wyoming. I'am a member of a small dept out here we have 16 members and at this time of year lot's of snow.

    Andy Williams
    Moran Vol Fire Dept.

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    james Guest


    wow first thing what ide like to say is thanks for the forum and please excuse misspelled words and punctuation, i see that all depts have the same problems. maybe if each person could post a new idea to bring vfd into the twentyfirst century we can exchange some good info thanks all stay low train hard and keep a positive attitude

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    Hi My name is AL and I'm from a small company outside of Buffalo, NY. We have around 40 members of which about 20 are active. We have about 270 calls a year with about 60% of the calls EMS. It's nice to hear from other small companies

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    Been with this small dept for about 1 year. about 28 members(1 female) on the roster. Small township with Mutual Aid with 3 adjoining twps. depts.

    Have some health problems so became the station DOG(I close the doors when the trucks leave) There is plenty for me to do that helps the department. Make forms for Equipment check lists, Maint, and other ways to help.

    Sure I have been in a Dept where the Cheif was a dictator, had 30 guys, little training, everyone afraid to do anything! I wasn't in it long and was out, my choice!

    Now in this Dept. we are trainning, and doing all the time(well monthly anyway). Our County has a Northern Fire Cheifs Asso. and would like to see that formed by us also for the south end of the county.

    One of the big reasons I'm here is for HELP/INFO with ISO rating and found the string on that. GREAT!! Working with our Dept to get a better rateing on ISO.

    Thanks for the opertunity to join with you ALL!


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    We have a Class 6 but hope to get that down to a Class 1 before the summer is over, will see. We are a pretty small combo house. It can't be too tough volunteer departments have done it.

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    Hi Danny,
    I'm Chief of the Pea Ridge Fire Dept. (Benton County AR). We're a small volunteer dept. with all the usual challenges. I've been Chief for almost a year now, held Asst. Chief for 5 years, and been w/ this dept. 14 years... haven't been bounced yet, maybe I'm in for awhile.
    If you're in the neighborhood, come and see us.
    Chief Frank Rizzio
    Pea Ridge Fire Dept.
    Pea Ridge AR. 72751

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