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    Default innovative fundraisers

    i am interested in any fundraisers that other departments use other than suppers or dinners. The cost of equipment is getting higher everyday and our department would be interested in any ideas that other departments have

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    Hello Percell, I am on a small volunteer fire dept. in South Central Kentucky. We have dances and raffle off a grandfather clock and suprisingly are really successful. We sell chances on the clock at two large community events, then at our Christmas dance we give it away. All together we usually have about 4-5 days tied up in both the clock and the dance and always clear between $4-5000.

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    BINGO, BINGO, BINGO.....$$$$ This brings in a lot of funds for the Virginia area Vol. Departments. Leslie

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    just like she said--BINGO! this is where most of our money comes from. we also have a gun drawing once or twice a year which also brings in a substantial amount of money.

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