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    Hi everyone,as a deputy cheif of a rural fire dept. in southeren New York State I was Just wondering if anyone is having staffing problems due to the new basic 2000 training requirements in NYS, if so how have you dealt with this so far. We have been instructed by our county coordinator to set up minimum requirements for firefighters such as basic 2000 and haz mat awareness, those who have essentials would be grandfathered as opposed to taking the basic training all over again.But in order to respond to a fire you need basic and to respond to a motor vehicle crash you must have haz mat.
    For some individuals this poses a problem because without these classes they are limited to station activities only. They could have every other state class available and still not be able to respond. Class availability is a problem as is getting around work schedules. have any other counties suggested this to their departments? if so what requiriments have you set forth and how would you plan to deal with these issues should they arise.

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    We haven't had a problem yet. However we just put on 3 probies and a new course isn't scheduled yet. I am thinking of taking the course to view the differences first hand. You know teach an old dog new tricks, here in the north country.

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