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    Default Greetings from North Pole Alaska

    I am a retired Air Force firefighter, currently the Chaplain for the North Star Fire Department in North Pole, Alaska(yes really is a North Pole). I'd like to hear from other department Chaplains, and members of departments that have Chaplains or those who have utilized the services of their department Chaplain to share their experiences on the effectiveness of their department's Chaplain program.

    Blessings to all

    Jeff Turkel,


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    Hi Jeff, My name is John Vinzant, I'm an Engineer with Polk County Fire Department in Florida. We also have a chaplan..He responds to all major alarms. Wether Medical, Vehicle Accident or Structure Fires. He is also the major force in our CISD..He comes from a department from up north somewhere...Yes ..above the Mason-Dixon Line HA HA..I'll tell you now, that I have no idea how firefighting is in Alaska, But interested in finding out...Don't care to here about pay... just operational procedures and some interesting calls..send message if want to chat.... John

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