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    Hello from Cumberland County, PA. I am from Philadelphia (my father worked at L-13 in Philly) and am out here going to college. I run with a volunteer engine company in a mid-size town. Once I graduate with a degree in teaching, I am going to try to get into the Philly F.D.

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    Tim Schaffner
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    Hello, Truck Captain from Mt. Holly Springs here. Good luck on your degree program. Say hello to Michael Snyder for me. Fought a lot of Fire with his dad(3A).Also say hello to your chief(Danny) for me. LATER!!!

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    will do, tim

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    Hey FIREMAN52, greeting from Alaska! I'm originally from south central Pa. I started out there near Hanover with the Jefferson Vol. Fire Co. in '85. I'm a career FF with the Air Force(only 1'1/2 months left on my enlistment) and I'm currently living in Alaska. I volunteer up here with North Star FD a paid/combo dept. outside of North Pole. I have a cousin going to Ship. too Well feel free to mail. See ya!

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