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    Fireman237 Guest

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    I am new to this, I am a volunteer fireman in Port Vue Pennsylvania. I will be checking all posts to see if they affect my department or i can lend some advice to you. I have been a fireman for 8 years. Hope to talk more with all of you.

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    andyS5 Guest


    Greating's from the Great State of Wyoming. I've been in the Vol Fire Service for about 15 years and would love to chat and trade info about are depts.

    Andy W

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    bjrdn Guest



    Welcome brother! Glad to have you in quarters. Just a quick hello from a
    Yankee firefighter from Massachusetts. Been involved in the fire service for twenty or so years. So who knows maybe there are some things this old firedawg can swap or help you with. Just post and we'll put our two cents worth in.


    Bill J.

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    Tanker Guest


    Welcome newby. Glad to listen anyone that wants to talk about the Fire Service. This Old Dinosaur (I like the Title) still wats to learn all he can. So get to talking.


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    Tom Lafleur Guest


    Welcome Fireman237 good to have you aboard. I've been a call FF for 33 yrs.(followed my dad). Why i remember when S.C.B.A.s were a novality. I've learned alot since then and am still learning.My F.D. has 4 carrier and 30 pald on call FF. We run about 250 calls/yr. no EMS. So lets chat and we can pick each others brains. This old dog can still learn new tricks.

    Tom Lafleur

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    mako887 Guest


    Hi! Although I'm a paid firefighter, I've got a lot of respect for volunteers. I've been with the City of Miami (FL) F.D. since 1980. Have been riding ALS (rescue...I'm a paramedic, also) since 1983. I'm also part of the Haz-Mat team and have taken classes in Confined Space Rescue and Trench Rescue. Good luck in your career. Hope to hear from you.

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    ScDragonSlayer Guest


    Hi nice to see ya I have been a firefighter since 1978 when I got right out of High School. I am a newbie to this forum myself, I look foward to wrting to you and hearing from you more!!

    Walter Brooker

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    Danny Beebe Guest


    Hi form Arkansas. I have been a firefighter for 21 years now. I am the chief of a fully volunteer dept here in the Ozark Mountains. We average around 100 calls per year which are bpoth fire and EMS. My men and women are trained in cave rescue,high angle, confined space and swift water rescue.We have been able to drop our iso rating from an 8 to a 5 with a very limited budget but would still like to go even lower. Welcome to the forum and stay safe.


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    BRAD Guest


    Hello from Alaska! Have been a volly for 14 yrs and career for 8. Started back in Pa in '85 with Jefferson Vol. Fire Co. York Co. PA. I'm now living in North Pole, feel free to write or trade info. Plan to come back and visit soon. Later!

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