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    Hello, I'm Gary Brown with the Balch Springs Fire Dept.We are a Suburb of Dalls TX.We serve 22,000 people in 7 square miles with 21 full time personell.We are about to recieve our first quint and would like different views on the operation of the quint.

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    LT trk106 Guest


    Well Capt. we have been running a quint for about 20 yrs. and love it. We use it as our 2nd. in truck to lay the supply line to the lead eng. We run with four & three man crews, so sometimes we have only one on the truckbut the city will not hire more firefighters. We have 13 full-time and 9 reserves in the dept. The reserves dont operate the trucks. I hope you get a big pump on the truck, because the elevated master stream can really move water. Also , The only thing we would change is to have a bigger ladder. Ours is only a 50 ft. Good luck with your new rig.

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    FFE3BFD Guest


    Hey Cap, I was just wondering, is the new rig a true Quint? One you'll get the rating for both an engine and a ladder.

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    bjrdn Guest



    Our department just purchased its first "quint" and so far it has proven to be a great piece of apparatus. When the idea was first proposed, quite a few of us didn't think it was necessary, but now, we've changed our minds. We run two-man shifts and after only having an 85' aerial which required an assisting Engine Co. what a difference the quint has made.

    If I can give you any more, let me know.

    Talk later,

    Bill J.

    P.S.: Have to agree with LT Moore on size of ladder and pump capacity. Our new one has a 105' stick with a 1500GPM pump.

    P.S.S.: If your interested you can take a look at our new toy at: ----
    let me know what you think

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    Hook and Ladder Guest


    We have had 34 Quints in service since 87' and getting new ones this year. 18 75' LTI, 12 50' Pierce, 3 110' LTI, and 1 100 E one bucket. The 50's are pretty much useless from an aerial standpoint, but for a water tower they will suffice. The most important factor with the quints is getting crews to assume the proper duties whether truck or pumper work. SOP's usually have to be outlined thoroughly.

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    Gill Guest


    My department has had onl one quint. E-One 75 footer. It's our busiest piece. It usually serves as an Engine, but when you need a stick, we use it for that too. It all depends upon your needs at the fire at the time of the quints arrivals.

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    Fire Hunter 2 Guest


    As mentioned earlier, did you get the quint that can be rated as a pumper and aerial? This can be a benefit as far as ISO is concerned. As for its use, It is one of the nicest pieces of fire apparatus I have ever operated. Our quints(75' and 109')have rear steer options, this is a nice feature. We have found that the benefit of quints has added to the functions we perform when encounterd on the ever changing fire ground. I know you are probably looking for more info, but it is hard to say anymore without it looking like I am some salesperson trying spec. you out a truck. Options or equipment on any piece of fire apparatus are the greatest benefit to the firefighters. If your department spec. out a fairly loaded quint, then your new truck will be one that your drivers and operators will enjoy for a long time. If you want more info. on the two quints we have or some pictures just email me and I will be glad to help out in any way possible.

    Wilson Fire/Rescue
    North Carolina

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