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    Default Hello from Montana...

    Hi everybody,
    I am a Captain/EMT with the Malmstrom AFB Fire Department in Great Falls, MT. We are a combination crash/structural dept., but like many of you we run the gamet of runs from Haz Mat to medicals. In the summer we do a lot of wildland firefighting, and our UH-1N helicopters fly year- round. The choppers do a lot of rescue missions for the surrounding communities, and even up into the nearby Rocky Mtns.

    This is an active duty Air Force fire dept. with civilians and military working side by side. We have about 50 members, which is quite small, but we tend to be a tight knit group that continously strives to improve. Many of our guys have spent considerable time overseas so the experience level here is high for the "older" guys, and not so high for the young airmen just starting out.

    I am also the dept. Supply officer, so I have a great drive to see that the dept. has the best equipment available to work with. A recent "letter from the editor" in Firehouse magazine, the 200th anniversary of firefighting issue, listed the great technological advances that fire protection has seen in its short lifetime. I compared this list with the equipment we run, and I think we had everything listed. The newest item, thermal imagers, are on order, and we should receive them mid-Feb. We're excited to begin playing with these "toys."

    Our dept. has two 1250 gpm structural engines, a rescue truck, a 2000 gal tanker, a 500 gpm mini-pumper, a 1000 gal crash truck, and a host of support vehicles and trailers that carry everything from hazmat to technical rescue gear.

    This "little" message got longer than I planned. Sorry for the long-winded "hi," but the fire/rescue/ems job is the greatest in the world, in my opinion. I just wanted to give you a glimpse of my small part of this world.

    You all take care and be safe...

    Andy Henne
    SSgt, USAF

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    Greetings from North Pole, Alaska. Good to see a posting from the Air Force. I retired out of Air Force Fire Protection last year from Eielson. Spent time in Fire Departments in Galena, Alaska, Upper Heyford England, Eglin(twice), and King Salmon and Eielson Alaska.I enjoyed Eglin the best-was Battalion Chief there for my last two years-extremely busy department. Busiest shift was 38 runs! I am presently volunteering for the North Star Fire department in North Pole Alaska as the department chaplain. How do you like malstrom-I tried for 20 years to get there, never able to.

    Jeff Turkel - nsfirechap@yahoo.com

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