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    Default Taking in new members (investigation?)

    My department is considering expanding our pre-"employment" investigation of prospective members. Before we go to a lawyer, we'd like to know how other departments do this, particularly Pennsylvania departments.

    How much do you want to know about someone? Do you do any criminal investigation? With or without applicant's knowledge/permission? Is your program formal, or do you check out an applicant with the police/buddy you know?

    What else do you do? Please let me know, either via the list (preferred) or directly. If you'd like to fax or e-mail me your application, contact me first, please.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Tim Schaffner
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    My Dept. is going thru the very same things. I as head of membership committee am spear heading the project. We currently have 4 drafts from other Dept's that we are using to come up with ours,plus we already have our legal person working with us.I would try to get some from larger Dept's to use since the probibly have the resources to compile a more up to date version.Good luck!! I'll contact you when i have something to share.

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    My department requires new applicants to bring ina copy of thier driving record and criminal record(available through DMV and local P.D. We also have a checklist for checking on personal references. If you'd like, e-mail me an adress and I'll send you a copy of my departments application.

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    26DC, To answer one of your questions - How much do you want to know? Everything, except financial, and some departments check your credit history. First reason is your Chief, Board, or who ever is in charge of hireing or appointing members is and will be held accountable for that employee or volunteer. Example: If you get a member that has an arrest record for several counts of theft, and he gets on as way of gettting into any home or business and steals, not only will he be arrested but there is a good chance his supervisor could be sued for NOT doing a background check. Don't get me wrong, not all people with records will commit a crime again. We handle each persons record differently. If a person commited a theft, burglary,etc one time several years ago we would allow them on, but let them know you know. You need to protect yourself, as much as you need to protect someones property. You might want to know if that nice person that just moved into town from another state and shows alot of interest in being a FF, had been convicted of arson. If they have nothing to hide they will sign a waiver for you to do a background check. When they do, they will more than likely tell you what, if anthing, they have done.

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    I belong to the same dept. as Nsfirechap, the dept does reqire the things he has said but on top of that obtaining the driving record and criminal history report are the applicants responsibility and the cost is $5 and $20 respectively(prices may vary state to state). I was a member here once before and left and when I returned I was told to get these items or I would not be able to join. I was not happy shelling out the money but now that I see where the Chief is coming from, it made me aware of the fact that you should know certain things about your future employees/volunteers. Being originally from Pa, when I volunteered there, we had cases around the state of fireman going out and lighting things on fire in their response area because there wasnt enough action. Now what if they came and joined your dept. wouldnt it be nice to find this out before you let them join and they started lighting fires in your area? I think bacground checks and driving checks are very important part of todays fire service.

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