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    Kara Howe
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    Default Hi From Sunny CA.

    Hi everyone I have been a volunteer/EXP with a department in Orange County CA. for about six years now. I like to keep in touch with other FF's all over the US. so if you like to chat and exchange stories feel free to E-mail me or leave a response.


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    Andy Henne
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    Hi Kara,
    Andy from Malmstrom Fire Dept. in Montana. I'm a Captain/SSgt/EMT here at this base.

    Glad to meet you. I've never been to CA, but know a couple guys who are. They say there's nothing like it. I'd like to visit sometime. No earthquakes, please.

    What is an EXP? Write back when you can. Stay safe out there...


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    Hi Kara! It must be nice to see the sun. If you like the color gray, Ohio is the place to be. I've been a firefighter for 7 years and love it. I'd love to talk with you and compare CA to Ohio. Johneen

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    Hi from sunny New Mexico. I am an instructor for the Department of Public Safety now, was an instructor and course developer for the New Mexico Fire Academy for 6 1/2 yrs. Been involved in firefighting one way or another for about 28 yrs. Loved almost every minute of it. Wish you well and keep in touch.


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    Hi Kara. Bobby here from the Midwest, Cincinnati , Ohio to be exact. I've always wanted to visit Calif. I've got plenty of stories and experiences after 8 yrs. , drop me a line and we can share a few.

    Robert E. Shelton

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    Hi Kara, form sunny Florida. where in Orange county do you live? I lived in Pomona, LaVerne, and Fontana for 15 years.

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