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    Default Info on Grants!

    Does anyone have any information on how to obtain grants or funding for the purchase of new equipment? I am looking to purchase a Compressor/Cascade system for my department.

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    I have been looking for Grants money also, and all I have found is through the State Fire Marshall's office. I understand that that is where the Feds place most of the available grant money to be distributed. I know there are other locations, but have not found them, If you do let me know aso, please, thanks.


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    Scott Clark
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    Contact the United States Fire Administration there online. You can order a book from them free of charge called, " A GUIDE TO FUNDING ALTERNATIVES FOR FIRE AND EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICE DEPARTMENTS". Also contact your State Senators Office. They have access to state funded money and can guide you further towards other grants that are available. Also surf the net for "Grants", I have found some money there. Good luck

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    In Arkansas we have some money available every year from our state Forestry Division.
    see if you have the same setup.
    Good Luck, Frank

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    Rod Ryalls
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    Check with the main governmental office over fire protection in your state. In Texas, the Texas Commission on Fire Protection has a committee that meets twice a year to review requests for funds and allocate grant money. If medical equipment is needed, check with the main state medical agency. Also, USFA has a web link to Federal Grant team for additional information. Our department has also, rasied funding from the WalMart Foundation through our local store for fire prevention programs, most large corporations provide some type of grant money for community programs. Be creative and think out of the box, you will find what you want.


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