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    Aff Guest


    My condolences to westplattefire, sounds like a recipe for disaster! Good luck on what appears to be a monumental task ahead. Be safe.

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    Tom Lafleur Guest


    Greetings from another dinosaur,33yrs. I'm from a small F.D. 4 carrier 30 paid on call.We had a problem a few years ago with a few older members holding the dept.back.The Chief,who is appointed by the selectmen,had enough cahonies to retire them.He used the states(MA.) mantitory retirement age (65) to get them out.This maybe something to look into.As for being a dinosaur,i've got more credentials than some of the carrer guys. Stay safe and keep the faith.

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    bechereg Guest


    One of my biggest beefs has been the lack of support given by the Depts. BOD. I run both fire and EMS but stay more towards the EMS side. it gets agravting when all the $$ are spent on fire and they forget what type of calls we run more of. currently I am the only running medic with my dept., the lack of support on the recruiting front is riduculas.


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    Batt804 Guest


    One of the things that hasn't been mentioned much is the increased training that firefighters are having to maintain. I see alot of volunteers who seem to get bored with training that they need year after year. It seems like it is a never ending loop.
    I am not against the added safety concerns. But it is a fulltime job just trying to maintain the minimum standards of training to be a firefighter/EMT.

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    Aff Guest


    If anything is the death blow to the volunteer service will be the continuing minimum standards, training requirments, and the time it takes to do this. Especially if you run EMS. When is enough going to be enough? Be safe.

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    Gill Guest



    I agree with you whole-heartedly. The vol. dept. that I'm on now only requires 12 hours of training a year. That's not enough training for what we are expected to do. As a result, we have a majority of firefighters who cannot perform effectively, if at all. There are a handfull of us that get most of our training (well over 12 hours/year) at the local career dept. I wonder if the chief cares, or is there anything he can do about it?

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    jpm Guest


    the question is volunteer fireman what really burns you ? my only answer is a flame about 34 inches high

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    Aff Guest


    And I think it is hard to get a fulltime spot, and jpm is going for being a comic!

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    ccc530 Guest


    Is 32 hours of training per man per month enough? That's what we are being pushed toward. To answer the's never enough. Nobody nows it all. But do we all have to know everything? The basics havn't changed much. Much more safety...this is manditory! Do you need TRT training? Maybe it can be a team effort with other departments. Maybe you can call on the pros when or IF it's needed. I think that every department must evaluate the needs of the community which they serve and focus on those things. If things get boring, then you can expand to other topics. Those who want to learn, will. Those who don't, won't.

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    stone35 Guest


    Our department is a volunteer organization and we respond to all sorts of calls. When the forest/field/brush fire season comes around our department is constantly being toned out. What burns me is the non-caring attitude of our local state Forestry person. During a recent equipment audit a panel of Foresters come to the detail. While speaking with one of them she informed me that she got called off to an ajoining county to oversee a field fire. It was her next comment that really got me worked up. "I don't know why they called me over there, my boys get all the training they want and I know they can handle the situation themselves." Previous to that comment I had no idea what our local Forester did. To my knowledge he has never conducted a field/forest fire suppression/containment class, nor has he made any attempt to be seen and known around our area. After some inquiring I found out that our dept made attempts to get our forester involved with our county fires. We purchased him a pager so he could hear our traffic and allow him to keep up with us. He was so appreciative that he ran over the pager with his truck.

    So now the forest/field fire season has started and still no sight of our local forester. Attempts have been made to have our Forester come give of his knowledge, but no interest has been conveyed to our requests.

    It is a real shame that we want the training from this professional, but being retired while on the job has kept everyone from receiving our Foresters knowledge.

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