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    A big Hello to all from Langley British Columbia, Canada.

    I'm posting this question...

    We're just starting to use dedicated Rapid Intervetion Teams here and we're wondering how other departments have adressed the problem of taking in an emergency air supply for downed/trapped Firefighters. Do you change the SCBA air bottle? the whole pack? or do you have some system that you've devised yourself? Any and all replies/ideas are welcome

    PS> We use MSA 2216 MMR positive Pressure SCBA

    Thanks a lot.

    Capt. Bryant Ross
    Township of Langley Fire Department
    British Columbia Canada
    (Fax) 604-532-7530

    "Go big or go home"

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    I think you can go a couple of different ways. We use buddy breather SCBA (Scott 4.5) to sustain a firefighter in place or attempt rescue, depending on the rescuers air supply. We carry an extra mask in our search rope bag and we're putting an extra regulator in this year to enhance that part as well. Some departments are bringing a whole SCBA in and changing it, haven't tried it, but it sounds like it could get difficult. I saw a presentation last year where Phoenix was using a cylinder with a connection for their trans-fill (MSA) system, that looked pretty good also. Hope this helps!

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    chris fire/ems
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    I have a question for you if you don't mind?
    We had a bad fire involving 3 children under 5 yrs old. Some of my friends went in and carried them out and their taking it real hard. I don't know wheather to let them sort everything out or help. If you have any advice it might help.

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