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    Fireman Sam
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    Default Hi From Australia

    Vol F/F looking to chat with other firies.

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    Rescue Diver 84
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    G'day mate. I have family in QLD.and I would like to learn more about the Vol. aspect of the Australian Fire Service. I live in Connecticut, USA and I am also a Vollie. If ya' wanna' chat, give me a holler. Scott Clifford

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    Hi Sam. How long have you been a vollie? What got you interested in the fire service? I saw a fatal auto accident when I was in middle school and hated feeling helpless. That was all the motivation I needed.

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    Greetings from North Pole, Alaska. I am a retired US Air Force, preesently Chaplain for the North Star Fire Department in North Pole. Kinda warm today-only -10 farenheit, just had a stretch of 50 - 60 below! If you interested, I trade F.D. t-shirts.
    All the best to you.

    Jeff Turkel

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    Hi Sam,
    I would love to chat just give mail me and we can chat would love to learn about a Fire Dept in your country.

    Andy Williams


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    Andy Henne
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    Hi Sam!

    Andy here from Malmstrom Fire/Rescue in Montana. Nice to see your posting. My career has taken me all over the world to include Germany, England, Spain, Africa, and the Middle East. And everywhere I go, I seek out the local fire dept. just to see how they do it, to meet new firefighters, and to check out their apparatus.

    And one thing is always apparent-- that no matter where a particular firefighter lives, or what dept. he/she works for, we are all in this together, for better or worse.

    The guys I met in Spain at the local "bomberos" (spelled right??) couldn't speak english, and my spanish was very poor. But somehow we communicated, and the pride these guys had in their dept. and trucks was a pleasure to see.

    I worked side by side with German firefighters on a daily basis, and had the time of my life. I made lifelong friends, and learned a lot from them.

    In Africa I worked a crash truck with the Tunisian Air Force, providing fire protection for an airstrip there. They had an old beat up Magirez-Deutz combination crash/structural engine. It was banged up, the roof turret had rust permeating its gearing, and the only piece of PPE these guys had was a crash hood (remember those Jeff Turkel?).

    We were required to do a standard crash set-up/standby on every aircraft that landed there. These guys did it ALL WRONG, to say the least. We had them setting up behind us, off the tarmac, sometimes cutting in front of us, blocking our view, etc. You name it, they probably did it. BUT THEY HAD PRIDE and a willingness to learn. I spoke a little french (tres peu), and they spoke a bit of english. We put our apparatus together, trained a little, treated each other with respect (firefighters are firefighters), and after a short time we had a team of two trucks, one setting up on the rescue side, and the second on the off-rescue side. It was nice to see.

    I guess my point here is that in these forums you'll meet a lot of people, and get a lot of great ideas. And a BUNCH of opinions. I use them to learn, to meet new people, and to see how other folks do the job. And it's just plain fun to talk to other firefighters...

    Nice to hear from Australia. Do they still show the television drama "Fire?" Used to watch it in Germany on cable.

    Have fun with the forums,

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