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    Hello all, I am a 10 year veteran of the Fire/EMS community where I reside. Myself and a few other members have established a Dive-Rescue Team for our dept.(vol.) We are trying to look for new ideas for recruitment and fund raising. Any and all ideas will be addressed. Hope to hear from ya'.
    Scott Clifford

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    I'am not on a dive but recomend you call the HUDSON New Hampshire Dive team they are one of the best in New England I lived near Hudson for a number of years and know they are top notch.Sorry I don't have a # for you but there a full time dept so they should be easy to contact and used to have a team member on each shift. Hope this helps.


    Andy Williams

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    I'm happy to hear you have a team. Unfortunately, you will have a hard sell for most of the "status quo" firefighters. The same will probably hold true for your funding sources. I was involved with the beginning of a dive team in the mid 80's. We had to supply our own gear and training. (both of us) It took one well publicized body recovery for this idea to catch on. (most, if not all will be recovery) I don't know your location or situation, but, explore corporate underwriting. (dive shops, sporting goods, even private donation) It will only take one productive dive to show it's worth. While you are at it, get swift water training. You'll need it. Good luck and stay safe!

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    Scott.I started a dive team in a volunteer dept on Long Island,N.Y. We hired a NYC FD diver from Rescue #1 and he trained us.It took 3 years from the inception of the team till we went on line.During that time I was shaking the bushes for money.We decided that for legal reasons and for safety reasons all dive gear would be purchased by the Dept and maintained by the Dept.That way all the gear was the same and records were kept on maintenance etc . in case of an accident.One of my biggest "scores" was getting about ten thousand from NYS.We covered part of Jones Beach State park and the ocean.I went to a politician and he was more than happy to help..(Plus he got his pic in the paper handing me the "big check") My point is if you will be providing any coverage for municipalities.hit them up for some cash..I thought it was a long shot until I got the check...I'm also a diver for FDNY and was at the flight 800 crash for a week.If i can be of further assistance let me know.Cliff


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