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    Hi, just wanted to get aquanted with yall because you will be seeing alot of me on here. My name is Rachel Im 21 and live in the DFW metroplex, in a little town right outside of Denton. I have been with my signifigant other, Brandon, for about 5 years now. We are not married yet but I feel like we are, and "FireWife" was much shorter than the alternative. *laughs* Brandon is 24 and is currently on a VFD here in our town, as well as attending a fire academy in another town here in the area. His dad has been a career fireman for 23 years now so this lifestyle is second nature for Brandon and over the years it has become second nature for me also. Firefighting in general intrigues me and if I wasnt as petite as I am I would probably persue it, but Im sure that I would get eatin' alive out there. What you guys do is a very heroic job and alot of could never do what you guys do and love doing it every day and I want to commend you for choosing such a noble profession no matter if your a "paid" career firefighter or a "volunteer" it makes no difference you all do the same thing and its very noble of you. Well I guess thats it for now if you have any questions, comments, anything just drop a line Im very friendly and a sweetheart and would love to hear from yall. See ya' around!

    Tu-Ta-Lu, Rach

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    I am a fireman's wife as well as a firefighter. As you probably know, most firefighters have two "wives", you and their fire department. It can be a challenge to be with a fireman. Dinner gets cold, plans get cancelled and sleep interrupted, but they wouldn't want life any other way. Good luck in the future. Drop me a line if you get a chance.


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    Andy Henne
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    Hi Rachel,

    Glad to read your posting. You sound like you got the fire lifestyle down pat. Being petite shouldn't stop you. My wife is a buck o' 5 or so, and 5'3", and she was an active firefighter with a local volunteer dept. here. She had a bit of a problem (as I did) with the attitudes thrown her way (a girl in the fire service?), but she handily chewed them up and spit them back. She was a Lt. back home (Vermont) on St. Michael's Fire & Rescue, and learned very quickly how to command and lead people, especially as pertaining to EMS. The guys here (just some, certainly not all) on this vollie dept. had a tough time accepting that she had valid opinions, but quickly discovered that she was a definate player in the workings of the station. We have since moved out of the district, but I think they gained a new respect for the female firefighter. As I've said before, gender doesn't matter- just that we all do the same job.

    Coincidentally, we now have a young lady working at Malmstrom FD. She too is quite small, but boy does she have heart! I think the guys have to scramble to keep up with her sometimes! It's fun to watch. She can drag hose and bodies with the best of them...

    Without the support of my wife, I would be very hard pressed to do this job. Being a military firefighter (USAF), I have the double commitment of fire, and being ready to deploy to war zones all over the world. Where ever we have planes, we gotta' have firedawgs. This places a great deal of pressure on the family. But she hangs in there and keeps us rockin'.

    So I commend YOU for the tough job YOU have of supporting Brandon in his firefighting endeavors. Whether he's paid or volunteer means little- both take an extraordinary amount of commitment. And it's the ladies, or guys (spouses or sig others) who are the backbone of this commitment. Fighting fire's "easy"- keeping the family together's the tough part.

    I look forward to hearing from you Rachel. Take care and be safe,

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    I'am 5'1 and have been in the fire service for 15 years size should never stand in your way it may be hard somtimes but we must adapt. As for men/women in the fire service it is my OPINION that gender stops at the door I know men and women thatI would gladly follow or have back me up anytime anywhere. So go out and join and be a part of your local dept. As for hero's let's not forget the ones who tone us out and get us the help we need the often forgoten Dispatcher's and we must not forget the loved one's that support us and pray for us as we rush out the door.


    Andy Williams

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    Howdy from a Yankee. The coffee's on so pull up a saddle, set a spell and stay awhile.

    I have been in the fire service for the better part of twenty-five years. I have been everything from volunteer to callman to full-time career. My wife of twenty-plus years has stuck by my side and been very supportive of my chosen profession.

    Yes, there have been times when she has wanted to strangle me for ruining a dinner or breaking "dates" or a sudden change of plans, but she is still here. So Brandon
    should consider himself mighty lucky for finding someone who will put up with our crazy lifestyle.

    As for females in fire service, one of my partners is a female and she can do everything us guys can do, from humping hose to driving the rigs. I have no qualms about having her as a partner or back-up on a line. As a matter of fact, she has just finished Paramedic school and we are all proud of her accomplishment.

    So don't let your size or gender stand in your way. If you feel you have what it takes then by all means go for it.

    Talk later,

    Bill J.

    P.S.: Kris is only about 5'2" & 125 lbs.

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    I am glad to see wives, girlfriends,etc get involved with there male partner. It helps both to understand. My wife of 19 years has to be, sometimes, the most understanding woman in the world. I am in two good professions, Paid law Enforcement, 20 yrs and Volunteer firefighter of over 20 years. I have three familys, I do take time for my real family. But my wife and children understand that when the alarm sounds, its time to go. What is a big help is we talk, in this business you have talk and plan for anything that could happen. She has more than once got a knock on the door by an officer (from the PD) tell her she needed to go to the hospital to pick me up. So there has been some strain on our marriage at times. On the other issue, I have had some great female officer's or FF's back me up, or at times almost run over me, to be the first one in. Sorry for the length of this, just don't get me started, or a chance to talk about my wonderful wife, sometimes.


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    Hi from New Mexico. Nice to hear from the "other side" every once in a while. I've been involved in firefighting for about 27 yrs and for 25+ of those my wife has put up with me. She is not one to want to be involved directly in my work, but she lends support in every other way she can. She has put up with seeing my back going out the door just as we were sitting down to a holiday meal. I have been both paid and volunteer and I think the paid part is a little easier on the other person in your life. Their schedules are a little more set and you can try to fit special times in. A volunteer though can't plan on anything, unless he/she turns the little button on that pager to "off". This is not easy to do and guilt feelings really hit home when you find that you missed a call.

    Just wanted to let you know, you have a great deal support out here and it sounds like you give all the support you can back. I thank each and every person out there that lends that support to us, because without it our jobs wouldn't be nearly as terrific as they are.



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    Welcome to a very exclusive club Rachel. I have been in the fire service 8 yrs. now with a career fire dept. (Cincinnati Fire Division)Among our 742 uniformed personnel we have 14 women. Some very petite and slight, others not. Some can do the job,others can't. But none us would be where we are without the love and support of our significant others!!!!!!!!! So again welcome to the family.

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    Hi Rachel! I am a 39 yr old woman who has been a volunteer here in Canton ME for about 5 yrs. I am an EMTB and have some FF experience. I can handle an exterior hose and I also run the pumpers occas. We are very rural so it's a serious job to supply the water. I am the equipment officer and must keep the rescue rig stocked. The men and women all work together well. If they all weren't so supportive, I wouldn't have some of the experience I do. I also work full time day job with a home health agency as a HHA/CNA. Have been with them for 16 yrs. I have a 7 yr old daughter who has decided to be just like her mother plus have all kinds of babies. I told her good luck but will certainly help her in anyway if she really chooses this career. Our dept is about the only one around here who accepts women. It's sad really, because many women can do as well as men. My husband is disabled and is basically Mr.Mom. He goes to college 2 nights a week. He has had a heart attack and 2 strokes but is in a program through social security to try and get back into working society. He is 41 and very supportive.We have been married 17 1/2 yrs. My daughter finds it hard sometimes to let me go when the pager goes off but hopefully she'll grow out of that. Many of the men on our dept have full time day jobs and full time jobs at the paper mills and they do shift work. We all come to the calls when we can and no one gets beat on if they can't. We have mutual aid with several towns and our EMS transport service is 15 min. out. We are a 1st responder service and usually start treatment and package the patient for transport. We are always trying to recruit new members and we need alot for day time calls. That's where mutual aid comes in handy for fire calls. We had a tragic fire in January where 2 citizens succumbed to smoke inhalation. Its very hard on everyone when we are helpless to save lives. But we all do the best we can and support each other and we always meet back at base to discuss calls and try to plan better for the next time. Well, I,ll shut up for now. Glad to have you in the forum, I've only been on for a few days. See my site at combo vol fire and rescue. I have tried to respond to trk12 twice but my responses are getting lost somewhere. Hope this one gets to your site. Moe D.


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