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    Have one? Done any research? What piece of apparatus is it on? These and other issues please drop down to the Thermal Discussion at


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    Andy Henne
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    We have on order two Scott Eagle Imagers, which should be here 10 Mar or so. We are anxious to get them in and put them in service.

    I researched several other imagers and went with the Scott's for many reasons which I can go into if you'd like. You can email me, or I can post a reply.

    The Eagle is hand held and has a tilting view screen. It has internal heat sensors and is remote broadcast capable. I went to the Fire Chief's conference in Louisville, KY and was able to "play" with several models, including the Scott, the helmet-mounted Cairns Iris, and the MSA Argus. I had a distributor try to sell me a Nightscan 1000(?) (can't remember the exact #), but I felt this unit was not capable of withstanding the rigors of combat firefighting. We paid about $18000.00 per unit (gov't fire dept.) and are really looking forward to receiving them.

    I think we plan on putting one unit on our Rescue truck, and the second on our first run structural engine. These two trucks roll on everything, so we figured these were good placement choices.

    Anything else I can help you with, let me know. I have all the specs for the imagers at my office, and I would be glad to pass the info on.

    Stay safe out there...


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    Hey Bro, After our Department did some research, we opted for the thermal imager Vision 3 from ISI. It's a hand-held unit for a reasonable price. (aprox. $18,000) We tried all the major types and the Vision 3 past the most important test, it stood up to the heat in a live burn. The majority of them crapped out at about 300 degs. One even started to melt at a temp. slightly higher than that.The Vision 3 also had the least problems with the "White-out" condition that happens when you look directly into a flame or large heat source.
    As for what rigs they are on, we have ordered 4 units and only one has been delivered. That one is assigned to Battalion Chief's gig. The others will go to Truck Co's. when they arrive. I'm not saying it's the best imager for everone but it past our test. Good Luck with your decision, do some research and stay safe.

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