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    Default Vertical or Horizontal Ventilation?

    Hello all. I am a fire fighter of only five years. I like to learn from other's experiences, since there are many of us who have more experience than others. I am interested hearing your comments about your preferred methods of venting a structure, and why?

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    There is no one good way to ventilate a structure. You have to apply your knowledge of the fire building, amount and location of fire, and possible location(s) of victims. Some fires are adequately vented horizontally some have to be vented vertically, each fire is different. If the fire conditions warrant, I feel the best ventilation is roof and windows, again depends on many things.

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    As I'm sure you know the "book's" prefered method is "...above the seat of the fire.", but I have yet to see the "book" at a fire. Conditions are going to big the big factor, but from personl experiance, I found that horizontal ventilation via windows can be very effective in allowing enough smoke and heat to escape during the first few minutes of a primary search/ initial attack to make it that much more effective. Good luck.

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