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    Would like to invite everyone to share your thoughts on Chaplain programs and CISD on the Chaplain's/CISD forum. We(Chaplains) want to know how we can serve you better.


    Chaplain Jeff Turkel
    North Star Fire Department
    North Pole, Alaska

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    I think having a lot of people involved in CISD weather they are from Fire, EMS, Police or Mental Health are a good asset. I am a Peer Debriefer for our local CISD team and we have members from all the above fields on our team. We respond when called out but we try to send at least 1 Mental Health worker along with people working in the same field as the incident. We have had great luck with this approach and our county Chaplain is there for us in the event we would need his assistance. We also have found with more education the different Departments are calling more because they see the benifits of using the team.

    NE Ohio

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