Hi to all from a newby to this forum...

First off, is there a FAQ to this conference? I gave a quick look around, and didn't see anything.

I'm looking for a few links to some good resources (on-line or 'real world') for a newcomer to the firefighting world.
I've just recently signed up for our local Civil Protection Squad in Westmount, Quebec (an on-island suburb of Montreal) - kind of a volunteer fire auxiliary squad, with search+rescue, disaster management etc functions as well. About 3/4 of the squad are working towards full-time firefighting, while the rest seem to be like me - interested in a challenge, looking to learn a few skills, and give some time back to the community.

I've been to a few orientiation meetings (basically meet+greets), and the interesting stuff should start this week. I've been looking around the local library for some background info on firefighting and rescue services, but all that I could find were kids books (Look at Fred the Fireman! What a big truck!)
Can anyone point me towards some sites that might help out with The Basics?