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    Default Hello from East Gwillimbury Emerg Services

    My name is Paul I belong to a 75 member dept
    We are all paid on-call.3stns we are curently
    going through our defib training.Our stn responds to on average of 130 runs a year.


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    Greetings from the North Star Fire Deparment in North Pole, Alaska. To learn more check out www.alaska.net/~nsfsa. We are a part paid, mostly volunteer department. The majority of our runs are medical. we are a fairly busy department. I've been with this department since Nov 97. I'm also a retired Air Force firefighter.


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    Hi Paul,
    The fire service in Dublin, Ireland, put external automated defibs on all our ambulances recently and hope to add them to our front line fire apliances soon. All of our 800+ firefighters/emt-bs where trained to our protocal which allows 12 shocks to be delivered in total, in blocks of three.We have had great sucess on the road with the machines, our only problem now is getting the powers to be, to train us up to emt-a which would allow us to intubate and deliver cardiac drugs down the tube.
    I wish you lots of sucess with your training and even more sucess on the road.
    Stay safe, Mark aka Hylo.

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