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    Default Can't get a seal, help!

    I cannot get a good seal on a small MSA facepiece. It has a leak at the top of the mask. It has only two straps that can be tightened and I've tightened these all the way (to the point of pain) and still only achieve a weak seal at best. I've not had this problem until I recently lost a little weight. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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    First I need to know what type of MSA mask you wear. Is it silicone or hycar rubber?
    More than likely you are not donning the mask correctly. Make sure that you pull the mask harness down as far as you can in back. Then try and see if this works.

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    Have you been fit tested since you lost weight??? You may need to be refitted for a smaller mask. Just a thought.
    Bob Shelton Cincinnati , Ohio

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    Jay. have you tried a differnt mask to make any comparisons, it might just be the mask itself ld,bad neoprene, and fit testing would also help to identify what the problem is. stay safe and good luck to you in 240

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