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    Default Hello from Ontario Canada

    Hey there Iam a vol firefighter in the town that I live in (just north of Toronto).Just started using the internet,found it really intersting.I hope to meet some other ffs to help out with some questions I might have,as it seems you guys in the states are always about ten years ahead of us ie,equipment training etc. Looking forward to hearing from you. Paul


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    Greetins from the North(North Pole Alaska). I am a retired Air Force firefighter currently with the North Star Volunteer Fire Department in North Pole. for more info on our department, check out www.alaska.net/~nsfsa or e-mail me. Look forward to hearing from you.


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    Tom Lafleur
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    Hi Paul:
    Welcome to Firehouse.com.I've been a FF for 33yrs.(been there done that),so if you have a question just ask.If i don't know i can find out real quick.I'm from a small dept. in Massachusetts U.S. with 4 carrier and 30 paid on call.

    Tom Lafleur

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    welcome aboard Paul. I'm Bob Shelton rom Cincinnati , Ohio . I'm a member of the Cincinnati Fire Division. We are a department of 742 fulltime FF/EMT , FF/ADV.EMT, or FF/EMT PARA. running out of 26 firehouses. We have 26 Eng. Cos. 8 of which are Paramedic Engines , 13 Ladder Cos. , 4 ALS transport units , 6 BLS transport units , 1 Heavy Rescue/Haz-mat team, and various other specialty apparatus & Cos.

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    Greetings from Plainville, another small town in Massachusetts,USA. We have 8 career and 20 call members. Our career members (full-timers) are either EMT's or Paramedics. We run 3 Engines, 1 Ladder, 1 Rescue/Ambulance and a few other assorted pieces out of 1 station. We're located about 30 miles south of Boston.


    Bill J.

    P.S.: I'm sure with all the experience and knowledge of the members of this forum we should be able to help out.

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