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    Default Hello From Cincinnati , Ohio

    Greetings from the first fulltime paid Fire Dept. in the U.S. (est 1853) I am a FF/ADV.EMT with Cincy Fire looking forward to hearing from one and all.

    Robert E. Shelton

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    Greeetings from North Pole, Alaska. I am a retired Air force firefighter(got otut in 97), presently serving as Chaplain to the North Star Fire Department here in Nort Pole. We are a part paid/part volunteer department w/approx 65 members-very busy(not as busy as you I'm sure). To learn more, check out www.alaska.net/~nsfsa and www.alaska.net/~nsfsa/CHAP.HTM. Have a great one.


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    Hey Robert

    Hi my name is Paul Iam from a small town vol department.We are located 20 miles North of Toronto Ont.Its Great being able to talk to you guys in the States

    Talk to you later
    Paul/stn 2-8


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    So how is my twin Bro? Just thought I would drop you a line and say HI! I think this is great and I like being able to reply as well as post questions. Stay safe Bro.

    Perry Fire
    Just North about 4 Hrs from U (HAHAHA)

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    Hey there from the east,I am Mike Kaywork from the Kearny Fire Dept. We are a paid Dept.of about 106 between Jersey City and Newark. I have 8yrs on. We are all trained EMT's here but no ambulances in house yet. Regionalization being threatened and we cant get 24hr shifts....But they pay us ok.
    Glad to meet.

    Ps check our page I set up got some good pics and history .


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