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    Default Hello from Michigan

    Hi all, nice to be in the forum. I am a firefighter/emt-b(soon to be a medic) for Hamtramck Fire Department in Wayne County, Michigan.

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    Welcome devildog. I am a FF/EMT-I for the City of Cincinnati the birthplace of professional firefighting. (Est.1853)We are 742 strong with 26 Eng. Cos. 13 Truck Cos. 4 ALS transport units ^ BLS transport units and various other equipment. Welcome to the forum.

    Robert E. Shelton

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    Hey devildog, I 'm coming from the other side of the state, ST. Joseph, MI. Good to have you on board.


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    Hi devildog,
    I am a firefighter/emt-b also, and soon hope to upgrade to emt-a (advanced).
    I work out of Dublin city in Ireland, with a full time staff of approx 800. We have 16 engines, 3 rescues, 2 turntable ladders, 2 platforms,11 ambulances (bls) and a number of foam and water tenders.
    Welcome aboard and hope you get a lot of enjoyment from the forum.
    Stay safe, and talk soon,
    Mark Hyland.

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    Welcome and Greetings there Dog!! I learn something every time I read the edits of the many online w/Firehouse. Hope you enjoy the fellowship of others as much as I have. It will be nice to hear about Mich. ever now and then. I'm from good ole NC myself. God Bless and Protect.

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