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    Default Combo Vol Fire and Rescue Depts.

    Hello from Canton, ME. Pop.approx 1000.We have a 30 member dept.Combination of FF1's. EMT's, 1st Responders and many members in training. We have men and women working together as a great team. We have had problems in the past due to clics, good old boys,swollen headed officers and personality problems. But we don't allow these things to happen anymore.We discuss problems openly at business meetings and if someone has a problem or complaint they go to the officers meeting, which is held seperately. We also try to keep tight rein and control on problem members as things arise without hurting anyone's feelings. Incident command goes to the appropriate and obvious member present at the calls. We are dispatched to calls out of Oxford County Fire Control and we have members who choose to dispatch during calls from base. We are an EMS 1st Responder and our transporting service is about 15 min.out. The nearest hosp. is 15 min. away, with other choice hospitols within 1/2 to 1 hour away.I am an EMTB with some ff experience.I am the equipment officer and work in Home Health as a CNA. We have annual elections and try to do some rotating of officers to give everyone a chance to try different things. Some of us are officers in both fire and rescue. Most of the time we all get along great and we feel we do a good job. Hope to hear from some of you. Moe D.


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    My name is Erik Redmond and I'm an officer in the Onan**** Fire Dept in Onan**** Va. We are a fire based dept with two ambulances answering about 900 calls a year. Our dept is about 40 members give or take when some get angry at officers. Our officers change over every year in Dec. We have a good combination of trained personnel including 4 paramedics 4 CT's , 6 ST's and 12 EMT's. Some are drivers only. One of our big debates is getting the fire side to run EMS calls. The fire side only runs about two hundred a year.I have been captian for only two years and I'm only 27 years old. I do not get very much respect from the clics or good old boys which are very much a part of our dept. I would love to hear some ideas about how to conquer thse problems. (erik redmond/emt-st/medic920)


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    Hi Eric! One of our biggest problems was a top officer who had pushed alot of us too far and we started by going to the 2 next top officers in both sections of the dept. We vented to each other and encouraged members to speak up about mistreatment.Being volunteers, alot of us had decided we weren't getting paid enough to be treated like we were. members stopped responding to calls, stopped coming to meetings, etc., especially when we knew this particular officer was there. Then the other officers really took notice(2 in particular) and started talking to people and then the offending officer. Everything was done above board and diplomaticly. It helped in my case to have a witness to the verbal, on scene (in front of patient and several others) altercation I had with this officer.It was a nightmare but this officer was found to be lying about what really happened and was wrong in the first place to have tried to control my patient care.I myself have just continued all along to do the best I can at whatever I'm doing on scene at the time, without being snotty, know it all, being polite and responsive to those around me and willing to extend more if I have to. Sooner or later you get noticed and people start appreciating you for what you can do and not for what you can't. In our department you are encouraged to speak up if your not comfortable doing certain tasks and to speak up if you want to do more of something in particular. I could go on for hours. At any rate, that particular officer became ill and has had to since retire but the form of illness explained alot of the behavior we had all seen over the past few years and it had also seemed to seep into some of us. It's scary how other people's behavior can affect you. Does any of this help? Moe D.


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    Hello from the birthplace of professional firefighting, Cincinnati , Ohio (est.1853)We are 742 strong with 26 Eng. Cos. 8 of which are Paramedic Engines, 13 Ladder Cos. 1 Heavy Rescue/Haz-Mat Team,^BLS Transport & 4 ALS Transport Units. Also various other equipment. All FFs are EMT-B,EMT-I. or EMT-P certified. Look forward to hearing from you again.

    Robert E. Shelton

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    Hi Moe,
    Hope you got my email recently.
    But i had to respond to this one including Erics reply.
    My watch has on duty at any time 1 officer and, 7 firefighters/emts and we would have 4 men on leave or on transfare to a another station. My problem, well we have two men that upset the morale of the whole crew. Nine of us get on great but, we always end up bitching about the other two.
    They are arrogant,but not justifiably so.
    They are working with an out standing crew,but treat individuals and members of the public (if they feel they do not come up to their standard) like crap.
    Now it sounds simple enough to meet them head on as a group,but the guys are gentlemen and will not rock the boat.
    So Moe give me some words of wisdom, I have 7 years service,do you think I should rally the troops? but one thing is for sure we can not go on being miserable in this great job that we all love.
    Talk soon,
    Mark Hyland(Hylo)

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