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    I am looking for any organization that may be able to help with a CPR project I am working on. I am a Volunteer EMT/Firefighter/CPR instructor in a rural, mountain region of Eastern Kentucky. In my frustration with some local CPR instructors that hand out CPR cards like candy without as much as going over Breath to Compression ratio, I have started actually teaching CPR. I need equipment. If anyone has an extra Manikin or any type of equipment that will help me in these classes I will be glad to pay for the items and shipment charges. The way these items look is not important as long as they are useable. I have a very small budget and will accept any help I can get. If your department has out dated equipment just collecting dust and going to waste keep me in mind.

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    I don't have any equipment to give away or that is old. But I thought I might offer some ways to look to get some. One way our Dept. got new cpr dummies was through our State EMS Grant. I work in northern Ohio. But I also have been able to get donations from area business also. These are a couple of options you may want to explore. If you have any questions just Email me.

    Dan Ulrich

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