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    Default Hello from Lapeer MI.

    I am the Training Officer for the Lapeer City
    Fire Department and a Instructor for the Michigan Fire Fighters Training Council
    Teaching FFI & FFII classes.

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    Hello and welcome. I am a FF/ADV.EMT for the Cincinnati Fire Division, I am also an adjunct instructor for the C.F.D. Training Bureau. My current assignment is on the fire company that has the distinction of having more time at fires than any of the other 39 fire companies in the city, we have been # 1 in our city since 1995 . Enjoy !!

    Robert E. Shelton

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    LT trk106
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    Welcome. Good to see more michiganders on line.


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    Greetings from the North Star Volunteer fire Department in North Pole, Alaska. I am a recently retired Air Force firefighter now serving as Chaplain to the N.S.V.F.D. To learn more about our department, check out www.alaska.net/~nsfsa. Have a good safe one.


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