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    Default Ford Ranger Safety

    Hope you all don't think this is to simple. My ex won't let me transport my 3 boys (12,9 and 4) in my Ext Cab Ford Ranger because of a "danger of beheading". Where do I get accurate, documented safety info. Please and Thankyou
    I know this isn't really a Firehouse issue but my net search put you at the top of the list for real accidents. Is there Federal/Ford test data? Somewhere? Help?

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    Andy Henne
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    Hi Chris,

    Not to belittle your ex, but by letting your boys ride in your Ford Ranger, you are also putting them in danger of internal injuries, head trauma, seatbelt/safety seat bruises, extremity injuries and a whole gamut of other trauma. You are also putting yourself in danger by riding in this vehicle, and ANY vehicle you ride in, simply by engaging in the pursuit we all call "driving."

    In fact, I put my whole family in danger just today by driving them in my Windstar to a medical appointment and on routine family errands in our little metropolis. Despite our faithful use of seatbelts and child restraint seats, and my Ford's ABS, SIPS, and dual airbags.

    I think in any vehicle there are dangers (including beheading) when you drive on our nations highways and roads. We all (hopefully) do our best by driving responsibly and using appropriate safety measures (seat belts, safe speeds, etc.).

    To avoid these vehicle dangers, we probably should walk everywhere. Since this is not practical, we drive.

    I drove a Ford Ranger EX cab, and a Bronco II after that for several years. I have never heard of a "beheading" problem inherent with these vehicles, except perhaps, when they are driven under semi-trailers. These forums are read by many fire/EMS folks who may have had other experiences. Give them a little time to read your posting- I'm sure someone will have some good info for you.

    The DOT and perhaps even Ford.com might have some safety info you could look up. Maybe search under >>vehicle crashes<<. It's an interesting question/ topic you have brought up.

    Good luck with your search.

    Stay safe and say hi to your kids from this fire dawg and family...


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