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    Default Hello All from N.E. Ohio

    Hello all. I am a Paramedic/Firefighter from a small Fulltime Department in North East Ohio. I work for Perry Township Fire Dept. About 40 miles East of Cleveland. We have 24 fulltime members 2 part time alone with our Chief and Capt.
    2 stations and we cover about 26 square miles. We have Lake Erie as our North border and a river for our south border. I hold Instructor cards for Haz-Mat,River Rescue,Cpr/First aid and also a Paramedic Instructor with the State of Ohio. I hope to hear for a lot of you and I enjoy being able to share ideas and ask questions.
    Thank you and stay safe,

    Dan Ulrich
    Perry fire Dept.

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    Hi Dan,
    I am a firefighter/emt-b from Dublin, Ireland,we have a brigade of 800+ and including our ambulance calls turn out about 140000 calls a year.
    80000 ambulance calls and 60000 fire calls,distruibuted between 11 stations.
    I would be very interested in hearing about your sucess as a paramedic, as that status is not even under consideration in Ireland.
    We just got the go ahead to train upto emt-a,allowing us to intubate, set up ivs and admin cardiac drugs down the tube.Do you tink this is good enough in todays modern society and all its inherient medical problems,and do you think a firefighter can do both jobs at a professional level?
    stay safe,Mark aka Hylo.

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