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    Default positive pressure fans

    We just got a new positive pressure fan I attended the 15min training lesson, and have been asked to train the rest of my stn.Can anybody help out with pro's and con's.Maybe some experiences that worked or didn't work.
    Thanks For Your Help!


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    A good book on ventilation that covers PPV
    22422 Sunlight Creek. EL TORO,CA 92630
    (714) 583-1914
    I have this book and have used it alot for training classes.

    Be very careful when using PPV on buildings
    of balloon construction.
    It can spread fire in void spaces from the basement to the attic inside the walls because there is no fire stops


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    PPVs can be great in assisting in horizontal ventilation. But I've learned through books and experience that the fan won't aid in venting the building unless it is outside the structure. DO NOT PLACE IT INSIDE. Some fire officers love to do that.
    Second...make sure there is a cone around your opening you're blowing into (make sure you can feel the air around the door frame or window frame). If you don't get that cone, then venting won't work right.

    I've had friends almost get burned in a fire because the fan wasn't set up right. So if you plan on using it in conjunction with fire attack, make sure you practice a lot before you do it in a real situation.

    Stay safe, and good luck with your fan.

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    Click on this link www.supervac.com and visit the SuperVac site. You can contact them on e-mail and request a copy of their training manual for positive and negative pressure ventilation. It's a well written manual.

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    Hi - Our dept. uses ppv fans and have had a lot of success with them. However one con is that they put CO (Carbon Monoxide into the building also. My LT. setup our fan outside of our apparatus bays and ran it for, I think about 20 min. with just the one bay open and the fan produced about 35-40 ppm in the bay area ( 20' x 40' x 20'tall)

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    One important feature to ALWAYS remember, make sure that a ventilation hole has been made PRIOR to starting PPV! We responded on a mutual aid to a department who started the fan before my firefighter and I completed the hole on the roof. Needless to say, we got to dance with the devil up close and personnal! Also, remember that ELECTRIC fans may be used for PPV when CO will be a problem. Generally, CO isn't a problem if everyone is still in SCBA for overhaul operations. Most folks seem to forget that until all the smoke has been cleared out of the structure, you are being exposed to toxic fumes without a SCBA on and operating!

    Safe ventilating!

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    PPV can be an asset when properly used. As the point was made, air in must go out, either horizontally or vertically. Don't forget to shut them down once in a while to check for extention/hot spots. Be Safe.

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    When performing negative pressure ventilation don't put a gas powered fan inside the structure. I have seen it done a couple of times. The engine didn't blow up or anything, but it did sound terrible. It took a while for them to figure out that it takes oxygen to run the combustion engine. As we know, or should know, a large percentage of fire gases are monoxide and carbon monoxide, both of which don't allow for clean clean combusion to occur. Use your electric fans in those instances.

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    everyone has given good advise and all we can tell you is, read, train, train, train.
    PPV's can hurt you or help you. Get with neighboring fire departments to assist you. If you have a chance for a live training burn this is a real good time to practice. It sounds like you are on the right track, getting more info and training before you traing members of your department. Be safe!


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