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    Default Firefighter or Medic.

    Dublin fire service currently run and man the citys emergency ambulance service, therefore all firefighters do the ambulance in turn.
    EMT-B is the current level of training which includes defib training but now, the level is about to increase to EMT-A and eventually EMT-P.
    I would like to know, can an advanced EMT or next level up, a paramedic commit himself 100% to his medical status and continue to perform also as a firefighter.
    I do not think the powers to be will allow, after spending so much money, a paramedic to sit for long periods of time waiting for firecalls! Will they ask for a choice to be made, pick one or the other? How has it worked out there already?
    stay safe,

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    It would seem that in many small communities, EMS is the salvation of the professional fire service. As the building codes and public education have increased, the number and severity of fire calls have decreased, along with the dollar loss. I think that the jury may still be out as to whether you can or should force someone who really doesn't have a burning (no pun intended!) desire to be a medic to become one simply because of the availability of manpower and/or apparatus. This issue raises a number of questions one of which you have asked. Another is can or should a PM concern him/herself with fire fighting? What happens to your fire response time when your manpower is committed to EMS calls/ (This is exactly why Deerfield Beach, Fl. is hiring 12 FF/PMs asap. 12 min. response time to a structure fire when it should have been much less). And what about those "ALS Rescue engines" that transport. What happens when a fire call comes in? And if you don't transport IN the engine, what about when your manpower is tied up in the ambulance, especially when they transport out of your zone, district or city? Let's dig deeper into this subject. Any FDNY's out there? How's it working in YOUR city? I really don't think we need to worry about the powers to be on this one, though. If they can max out on manpower and stretch us beyond the limit, I'm sure they will be happy.

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    We also run EMS for the city. 5 of 9 stations have an ambulance (along with engine) with 2 medics. If fire calls come in 1st, they're firefighters; if it's EMS, the fire crew runs short until they get back. Like ccc530 said, EMS is our bread and butter. Since about 1984, all FF's are required to be EMT-B; EMT-P is optional but we do receive incentive pay for it. It works OK for us but we're (line personnel) all waiting for the day when we're caught with our pants down...all ambulances out and a 2nd alarm fire comes in!

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    Check you Email! I sent you a nice long Email just a little bit ago. I also wanted to say that the FD that I work for as well as almost all the rest in NE Ohio all run with Firefighter/Paramedics. I find it to be easier when your coming back from a rescue call and get called for a house fire you are all ready when you come up on scene. We also get training in technical rescue along with our Fire and EMS training. Today people are looking to the Fire service to do it all and we are trying to keep it up even though the money is running short and the Higher ups keep the political games going. But I still love what I do and can nerver get enough of the job.

    Stay Safe,


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    Hi Perry2085,
    Got your e-mail, thank you for the time and effort, there is a reply on the way.
    Back to the question ccc530 made some very valid points as did Ledbelly, but in my department all the firefighters (850 approx)
    are trained to the same standard across the board. On duty there are seperate crews marked on each appliance, so the ambulance crew are not attending firecalls, unless there are casualties, and the fire trucks very rarely transport casualties.
    One day on ambulance duty, next day firefighting.
    Now I love both my roles, but this would not be true for everybody.
    So when it comes time for training to go to emt-a and p, not everybody is going to have the interest, and you must have the interest to attain this standard. This means that there is going to be a limited number of the higher graded emts on the road, and this I am afraid may lead to 'make up your mind time'.Because the powers and the public will want these higher trained men on the ambulances transporting them to hospital and not sitting in the back of a fire engine.
    What would you do?
    Keep the faith, Mark.

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