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    Default Hi from Boston

    As a firefighter working at Boston-Logan International Airport, I just want to say that Firehouse has out did themselves again with being on the WWW. Alot of the information received has been a plus to all departments worldwide. I have been on-line for just a little while, and found alot of worthwhile info to bring back to the members in my department that I work with. Especially any aircraft firefighting and now starting to work with RIC/RIT intervention training. Bye for now and thank you


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    Greetings from North Pole Alaska. I'm a recently retired air force firefighter-glad to hear from another ARFFer. I'm now with the North Star Fire Department in North Pole.


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    MFRD81 tell Mike Skinner and Pat McDonald that Hank Hoffman said Hi! I served with them in the Marines.

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    Greetings from Dublin Ireland,
    I'am in a fuul time service of about 850 men,
    Working as firefighters and Emt-bs, we also run the emergency ambulance service and respond to about 120,000 calls per year.
    Good to have you aboard,
    Stay safe,

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    Hi Paul,

    Welcome from NE Ohio. I work for a full time department with a total of 28 members. We run about 1100 calls a year. We do both Fire & EMS. Welcome to the forum and hope to talk with you again.
    Stay Safe,

    Dan Ulrich
    Perry Fire Department

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