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    Default Heat OR Smoke detectors?

    I would like to know any comments on what is enough protection for homeowners. Are smoke detectors enough? Should they be combined with heat detectors?

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    Hi Andy,

    To answer your question. I have a alarm system in my house. I have smoke detectors in all of my bedrooms and also in the center of my house. I have a heat detector in my garage. My builder thought this was to much but I told him that if there ever was a fire in my garage how would I know until it was to late. This heat detector woks great and it only alarms with a rapid rise of temp. of 20 degrees or more. I know some others that have a heat detector within their house and also within their garage for the same reason. Hope this helps.

    Dan Ulrich

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    I do think there is ever a question on what is to much protection. If the home owner can afford more than the minimum smoke detectors than by all means install. People think about their house but tend to forget about the garage area. It would be nice if all residents had, smoke, heat, co. We offer a volunteer inspection for home owners in our area.


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    As a Vol Firefighter and a professional fire protection technician, I agree that a home owner should go with what he can afford. Heat detectors are great for closed off areas such as basement furnace rooms, garages and even laundry rooms. Smoke detectors can be placed on every floor especially stairwells. Do not forget one of the most important detectors, Carbon Monoxide detectors should also be installed in the Furnace room and any other room that has a combustible fuel burning source. Stay safe.

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