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    Default Looking for info. on getting Fire Department Grants

    Our department is wanting to learn how to apply for a grant. Where to apply, and is it true that big corporations some times give grants or donations? Any help would be great.


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    Hi HOOK,

    Just thought I would maybe give some insight to your question. One way is to look up on your state homepage and find any areas dealing with Fire/EMS. Also you if you can find any organizations within your area that donate for a good cause. We have a matching State EMS grant in Ohio for our Depts. This money can only be givin to depts. that will match the funds. It can only be used on EMS equipment, supplies or training. It has helped us out a lot so far. On our CISD team we have a local Women's League that donates money every year for training and they like it because we give free advertising about them in our fliers. The only thing they request is that we show them the money being used to aiding the community.
    I hope this helps. Any questions Email me and we can talk some more.

    Stay Safe,

    Dan Ulrich

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    If your department is volunteer the Natiional Volunteer fire council has programs administered by each state-contact them for more information. Also, if your department is set up a sa not for profit orginization the federal government is a good source for excess equipment. Contact your nearest military installation to track dwon the closest "DRMO" (Defense Reutilization Marketing Office)-they are a great source for free excess equipment to not for profits. Also, my Fire Chief is a wealth of info on grants-contact him through our department's web site @ www.alaska.net/~nsfsa. Also, are you familiar with the Emergency Grapevine: www.emergencygrapevine.com? If not log o and post a message there also.
    Hope this has helped. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

    Jeff Turkel
    North Star Volunteer Fire Department
    North Pole, Alaska

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