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    Default Yea! Great Rescue AFD!

    Thanks to MSNBC, who brought us the great LIVE rescue from Atlanta now. Helmets off to a Great Job! Thats what its all about!

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    Ditto! Really nice rescue, Atlanta! How about you folks writing an article for Firehouse about THAT flight?

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    Good Job fellows. It's that kind of professionalism and teamwork that show the general public what we really are here to do for them. By the way... from the news camera angle that looked like one hell of a ride, my guys would have loved it.
    Keep up the good work, Frank

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    Kudos also to the AFD. Great Job!!! Was wondering what unit the rescuer as from. Years ago I had the honor of hanging out with Squad 4 which I believe were the high angle/technical reacue unit at the time. Again-Great Job!!!!!!

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    Great job AFD,
    You guys made it worldwide, I watched the rescue on sky news here in Dublin Ireland.
    We watched it while on duty, and my fellow colleages were full of praise.
    Keep up the good work and stay safe.
    Mark Hyland.

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