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    Default Hello from Iowa

    This is the best site in the whole net. Well one of them anyway. Me and the guys from Sgt. Bluff Fire & Rescue would just like to say HI.

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    Hello from TEXAS. This is a good place to chit chat and lern new stuff. good to see yall here

    Curtis B. "TAZ" Young
    Longview Fire Dept.
    Longview TX

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    Hi Guy's,

    Just thought I would say HELLO! from North East Ohio. You will find this to be a good place to find out good information and also find more people who may have answers to questions you have.

    Stay safe,

    Daniel J. Ulrich
    Perry Fire Department

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    Hi from Clovis California.
    I was out your way a few months ago. We had a guy torch a half a million dollar apartment complex and flee to Manson, Iowa.
    Got to fly out to Iowa, track him down and bring him back. Had a lot of fun seeing the beautiful countryside. Won't be hungry for corn again for a while but loved the countryside.

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    Tom Lafleur
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    Greetings from Acushnet, Massachusetts.Home of the #1 ball in golf.(it's our only claim to fame). Welcome to the forum.If you want to trade patches e-mail me.
    Stay Safe

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