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    Default Hello from NH

    Hi, I am a Call Fire Fighter on the Allenstown Fire Rescue department. I have just completed my NH Fire Fighter Level 1 course and I just wanted to say hi to all FFs and EMSers out there. Firehouse.com is doing an excellent job...keep up the great work.

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    Hi Mike,

    Just wanted to welcome you to the forum. You will find a lot of information out here from people who do this job every day. So welcome and good luck to you. I am located in NE Ohio and work for a small fulltime Dept.

    Stay safe,

    Dan Ulrich
    Perry Fire Dept.

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    Hi Mike,
    Welcome from Dublin Ireland, I am a fulltime firefighter/emt-b.
    This forum is great for getting hard earned knowledge from some very experienced and frendily firefighters worldwide, hope you learn loads and make plenty of new friends, talk again and stay safe, Mark Hyland.

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