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    Just wanted to let everyone know how much I have been enjoying the cross flow of info on the various forums. Thanks to all those that have answered requests for information. We all have a wealth of knowledge and info to pass on to each other. Also wanted to let ya'll know that contrary to popular belief Alaska is not a frozen wilderness(except from October to March) - today in the North Pole area it's supposed to be in the 70's! If anyone ever finds themselves in this neck of the woods and wants to do some fishing, let me know.


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    Aff Guest


    It can't be frozen all the time, the big flies and mosquitos need to hatch and terrorize the tourists'! Stay Safe!

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    nsfirechap Guest


    By mosquitos you mean the Alaska State Bird!!!!

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    Tom Lafleur Guest


    Hi Jeff:
    Got a patch to trade? Tried your web site but your patch and t-shirt link wouldn't work. E-mail me if you want to trade.

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