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    Default A Message from the Littleton Fire Dept

    The members of the Littleton Fire Department would like to thank you for your
    concern, prayers, and thoughts during the tragedy at Columbine High School.

    Every email that has been received is being saved will be distributed to each
    of our fire stations, so that all of our personnel can experience the
    tremendous support and love being expressed by those of you wonderful enough
    to write us.

    The Healing Fund, a benefit fund for the victims has been set up by The Denver
    Post Charities, WB2 Charities, KOSI Charities, Mile High United Way, and the
    Robert R. McCormick Tribune Foundation. Information on contributing to this
    fund can be found at:


    Once again, thank you for expression of love and concern,

    The men and women of the Littleton Fire Department

    Littleton Fire Department
    2255 W. Berry Ave.
    Littleton, CO 80127

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    Brian Johnson
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    To the Emergency Workers in Littleton:

    Wow what a week you all had. I think back on all of the incidents I have been to where there were multiple casualties and begin to a get an idea of what your going through. Just like in Oklahoma though I don't think any of us can really know what it was like of we were not there.

    I wanted to say thanks for the great job. Looking at the news coverage and reading reports has made me proud to be a member of the fire service. You all did good.

    Your all going to have to get back to work and start doing the things you do but first please take some time to hug your kids and talk with your spouses, friends and clergy about this. We will all be praying for you that you are able to get through this and have your lives settle down and become "Normal" again.

    God Bless you and GREAT JOB!!!!!


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