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    John DeLuca asked that I detail some differences in the way Japanese fire fighters train.

    The big differnce is in the way they approach life in general. I am a pretty direct kinda person. The Japanese culture does not respond well to directness. I am learning to show a new technique then just get out of the way. As they are practicing I can make small corrections in the form of suggestions.

    The other BIG difference is that they are not real free thinkers, instead they prefer to follow a pattern. If I am lighting a training fire in the tower they want to know exactly what is expected; Pull up, Stop here, Pull this hose, Proceed to this floor, Open this door, Extinguish this fire. I have always liked to present a problem to fire fighters such as a fire on the third floor with victims trapped and let the company officers figure out how to solve it.

    Their equipment is much like ours except the steering wheel is on the other side. We have 3 Morita pumpers and one 110 foot aerial ladder with a pump and a basket attachment. Their equipmrent relies a lot more on computers then ours. The pressure relief valves are controlled by a CPU instead of a pressure spring like ours. The push of one button on the aeirial ladder extends the stabilizers and levels the apparatus.

    Overall they are great people who, like American fire fighters are very dedicated. One suggestion, if you ever meet a Japanese fire fighter, DO NOT get into a sake drinking contest. I did and lost bad.
    Compe (Cheers in Japanese)


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    Hello Brian,
    How is Nippon? I was stationed at Yokota from '92 through '95. In October of '93 I spent 30 days with Iwakuni's Crash Crew. It was my first experience working with Marines. I learned a lot, like how to stay cool while on Hot spot; Medivac standby procedures; how not to set up on an F-14 with hot breaks; and to stay away from Harrier wing tips.

    I'm assuming your talking about the civilians that are at the structural station. You must have been in culture shoke initially. Barking commands at marines and barking commands at Japanese civilians don't yield the same results.

    I'm teaching a all Marine class right now, only the Gunner knows where he is going, so far.

    Keep in touch,
    Steve Harrison

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