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    P Bishop Guest

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    We had a bomb threat at our High School in our town yesterday. Things didn't go well from the school administration to the law enforcement, so we got caught up in a cluster. We are looking for folks with SOP's or SOG's about Bomb Scares-Threats to share the information, so we can improve ourselves.
    If you can help please e-mail us or make comments. Thank you.

    P. Bishop

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    Jim M. Guest


    In our small community we have a firm policy that we do not investigate bomb threats. We will respond, cordon off area and wait. If police agency (Sheriff or State Police) want to walk through area - go for it. Without an Explosive Ordinance expert, what's the point in going in and risking anyone? The days of poking into lockers and opening strange looking packages should be behind us.
    Jim M.

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    firebear32 Guest


    On Tuesday May 5th. My department was called to The elementary/ middle school in our town for an activated fire alarm.Within 3-5 minutes one of our 4 chiefs were on the scene. He then went into the building to discover what appeared to be a bomb in the school. He then advised dispatch, which put out a message to maintain radio silence in the area.And that is the only thing we could have done. We blocked off the street and made sure all students and faculty were evacuated. And waited for the bomb squad. The device turned out to be a fake. So if anyone has additional information or sop's on a situation like this it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Firefighter J. Vandermark

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    Nik Guest


    while our department, thankfully, has not had to respond to any bomb threats, the next one over had three in less than two weeks. After doing a few searches, the fire department adamantly told the school administration they were not going to be part of the bomb search team. After all, what good would it do if the bomb did blow up and half the firefighters were inside?

    Unfortunately, the state is telling schools their search teams need to be made up of teachers and janitors (people who would know if something was out of place), which has made those people very uneasy. Right now, the fire department has pretty much been stuck doing crowd control at these bomb threats, because parents hear the rumor and rush over to pick up their kids.

    Vermont is starting to have very clear policies on bomb threats and a recent videotape was made for fire departments, schools, etc. If you're interested, I'm sure you could write to the state Department of Education for more information.

    I know our department's SOP is this: we will not go into a building to search during a bomb threat. We need to be outside in case something does happen that requires fire attention. It's not an easy topic with easy answers, unfortunately.

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