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    I was just wanting some input from people if you have junior programs in your dept. If so what are the duties of the junior members and what type of liability issues do you run into letting them do certain things.

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    When I was a volunteer with Orange County Ca fire department I ran a fire explorer program through the Boy Scouts of America. We had kids 14 to 18 years old who trained to be fire fighters. After going through a directed training program they were allowed to take a verbal and practical test. If they passed they could ride on the engines or the paramedic vans.

    They had two major limitations. They could not enter a burning building and they could not exit the apparatus on a freeway unless traffic was stopped (LA Orange County freeways are hell!!!) These were local OCFD policies not BSA mandates.

    Hope that helps some

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    Hey..I was in our JR's for 4 years and finished as Captain. We have some rules for our JR's. They're split up into 3 levels. First level is entry level, they can't be anywhere near the fall zone at fires. Level two is 20 hours of training. They can be inside the fall zone, but cannot do any exterior firefighting. Level three is 40 hours or more training and they can be inside the fall zone and aid in exterior attack only if operating with another firefighter. Our JR's cannot go inside a burning structure. And can only go in after the fire is out after the cheif declares the building safe and must be accompanied by firefighters. They are also not allowed to respond to any Hazardous Materials incidents or car accidents. On weekdays while school is in session they are not allowed to respond to alarms past 9pm. They can attend all department training sessions and may also take county training classes if they do so desire. Entry age for our JR's is 14. Most join the actual fire departement at 18 but may remain a JR till the age of 21 if they want. (Though idunno why they'd wanna). I think that's about it. Hope it was helpful.

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    Our department, the North Star VFD has one of the best explorer programs I've seen. E-mail our Chief(tbiggane@alaska.net) for more info.


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    I find it very intresting that you are requesting information on a Jr. Firefighter program. I started as a jr. firefighter 19 years ago. In Pennsylvania our jrs. are limited to outside duties outside of the collapse zone. During the school week they are not permitted to answer calls after 9pm. They are allowed to answer call for motor vehicle accidents but if the call turns to a haz mat incident they must clear the scene. They are permitted to attend and participate in almost all phases of training that we offer with a few minor exceptions, ie. Driver Training and when we invite some of our neighboring departments for a multicompany drill they are not allowed to climb the ladders on ladder trucks. Other than that our jrs. participate fully in our department and have been a big help to us.


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