Hello, my name is Joseph Monichelli and I am the western regional sales manager for MDS MATRX Medical.

I have been involved in the emergency medical products field for over 16 years and would like to offer any assistance with any questions you may have regarding:

Maufactured brands / quality / track record

Problematic equipment

Troubleshooting - developing medical products protocols.

Best values in products

Ways to keep your supply vendor honest

New versus reconditioned equipment

and anything else you may have questions about.

I will not use this forum for sales pitches or anything of that nature, but would just like to offer my experience in the medical products business for those who have questions about vendor / distributor / end user relations and product selection.

If I can be of any help, please do not hesitate to email me. I am always happy to assist those dedicated professionals putting their life on the line every day while helping others.


Thanks for the moment..........

Joe Monichelli