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    Default Question on Assessment Centers??

    I am looking for information on departments who use assessment centers for part of promotional examinations, how do they work, and what are approx. costs.

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    We use assessment centers for Captain's promotions and above. (BC, DC and ***(t)C) I can't help you with the cost but could probably find out if it's real important; we use 3 officers and 3 non-FD people, usually from city govt, local college and local corp., so I can't believe the cost is very high. Personnel must pass the written and the top 6 scores go to assessment; we have had some back-and-forth changes in the last 2 yrs and I personally think it works pretty well now. Thinking about it, I could get pretty long winded here on all the details; if you'd like more info just email me and I'll dig up all I can find about them and be more than happy to pass them along to you.

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