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    Hello, I am a Eight year vet. Of the Fire-Rescue dept in my area, I have just be elect. Lt. in my Dept. I am loking forward to pass on the knowage that I have learned in my past. I enjoy severing the town I live in, as a Fire Rescue member. And I look forword to learning new things as a Lt.

    If any other Officers out there could drop me a note on how to go about things in genearal please write back. Thank You

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    nsfirechap Guest


    Greetings from the North Star Fie department in North Pole, Alaska.The forum is a great way to exchange info and ideas. I'm a retired Air Force firefighter having served from plug man to Deputy Chief. If I can be of any asistance, feel free to e-mail me. All the best to you in your present job.


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    Tom Lafleur Guest


    Greetings Lt.
    I'm a Lt. in a combo. dept. in Massachusetts. Welcome to the forum. You will learn a lot in here,i know i have.
    Stay Safe and keep the faith.

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    ffMikeKfd Guest


    Good Luck ,
    Just dont go to the same doctor that most officers i know went to for their Lobotomies..LoL

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    Pete Swan Guest


    Congraduations on your appointment to LT. The first bit of advice is don't let the position go to your head. Listen to other fire fighters, plan carefully and make the right decisions. Remember that you were a line firefighter before being promoted and you probably wanted to be heard. Remember this when other fire fighters pass suggestions and advice.Good Luck and keep up the good work.

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    Russell Livernois Guest


    Local 3206 I have been a Lt. for apprx. 11 yrs. I have always advised new officers that you should treat your men the same way you expected tp be treated when you were a blue shirt. I also a believer how you acted as a blue shirt will dictate how you are as a officer. good luck and if i can be of any help please write.

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