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    Default getting into compliance

    I an trying to develop S.O.G.'s for my
    department and would like some input from
    anyone.It would be a great help.

    Thanks and stay stay safe


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    First things first. Remember that SOG's are just that, "guidelines". Try to keep from being too restrictive, while still keeping proper procedure. I just went through the same thing at the beginning of this year. If you would like a copy of those, I would be happy to send them to you. Just e-mail me to let me know.

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    Chief- First of all...Good Luck. In '94 our department went through our SOPs for the first time since...the 60's(?)...and came up with some new, helpful and necessary procedures. Since that time, we have amended, changed, etc a great many of them and are now turning them into SOGs. As a captain, I feel the best (most helpful?) ones stress safety and responsibility...it helps the newer guys get a handle on things and still leaves me with options in a framework of what we want to accomplish.
    Like BVFD sez, remember they're guidelines and if you get too specific you might have some of the problems we have with amending every so often.

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    I have just been elected Chief of a Dept with over 100 years of history. We have never had any SOG's, a problem I would like to remedy. Any help offered would be greatly appreciated.
    Be safe.

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    To everyone wishing to implement SOP/SOGs remember to keep them simple. We have had SOPs in our department for about 10 years now. There are 44 subjects covering everything from employee conduct to hi-rise operations. We are currently rewriting these and calling them Standard Operating Guidelines in keeping with current thinking on this subject. The first SOPs were written more like a training manual than as a guideline. This has proven inadequate because of the length of some of them. I think we went into way too much detail in trying to cover everything. This made reading and understanding them very difficult. Like they say "Live and Learn". When new subjects are added, we have a training session for all department members so there is no confusion. Again, keep them short, to the point, and use them all the time so that they become routine. Good luck to all.

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