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    Default Hi From New Jersey

    Juat wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself formally and let everyone know who i am.

    I am from central New Jersey. My current position is with the Flemington-Raritan First Aid and Rescue Squad as the Sergeant of the Rescue Services Division. I also belong to a fire company in the small town down the road from me. I have been involved in the emergency services for about 6 years now. I started as a junior member on both organizations.

    My EMS/Rescue agency covers approxametly 45 square miles with a population which surges rather high during daytime hours. The area is a mixture of very rural areas with farming still prevailing, high density condominiums, large and small single family homes, extensive commercial, an agricultural fairgrounds and speedway and light and moderate industrial areas. We are seeing a very rapid increase in high occupancy housing in the form of condominiums, small single family homes and townhomes. Construction seems to be never ending. We cover a river and several creeks which reach high and dangerous levels quickly in the summer storms. There are 2 major highways which transverse our area and many other heavily travelled roads which keeps our rate of auto accidents rising every day. We handle almost anything that gets thrown at us with skill and proficiency.

    We operate with a staff of approx 60 volunteers covering 1653 calls in 1998. The busiest agency in the county of Hunterdon with the exception of PD's and ALS. We run 3 BLS ambulances (Ford E350 / Braun ERV), 1 BLS crash ambulance(Braun Chief 4x4 on Ford E350) with basic extrication gear, 1 water rescue unit (old ambulance),1 boat (14' Quicksilver inflatable w/ 25HP Yamaha outboard), 1 Command unit (chevy balzer), 1 Rescue Truck(1992 Mack MR w/22' walk in e-one box), 1 Tactical truck(1976 Ford L900/Hammerly ex-fire truck w/18' compartment body), a rehab/MCI unit (old schoolbus) and we have a golf cart for large event medical coverage.

    The Rescue Services Division is broken into 3 teams/
    Vehicle Rescue: Handles all auto accidents, Farm and industrial entrapment type accidents.

    Heavy+Tactical Rescue: Handles Rope, Con-Space, Trench, and similar type rescues.

    Water Rescue Team: Handles only surface water rescue / recovery. Trained to respond to incidents in swift or calm water.

    In addition, most members are trained as Firefighters, as we provide fire-rescue services in coopereation with several of our fire depts. Our function at fire scenes is determined on a situational basis.

    Our agency is one of two true rescue companies in the county and we work ofen in tandem with the other (Clinton EMS & Rescue Squad) Die to the highly skilled personnel and advanced equipment we carry, our services are often summoned from neighboring juristictions and counties.

    We have set a high performance standard for our members reqiring training in compliance with the 1670 NFPA guidlkine and a very rigirous SOP's.

    Visit our very new web site www.blast.net/rescue49 It is very new and will hopefully develop better with time.

    It is a pleasure to share ideas with everyone on these forums. Keep up the good work to all of those who share intelligent thoughts.

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    Greetings from the North Star Volunteer Fire Department in North Pole, Alaska. I am a retired AIr Force firefighter now serving sa Chaplin to the North Star VFD. I'm originally from Jersey - raised in Bayonne, then spent a few years in Hazlet before I joined the Air Force. To learn more about North Star check out www.alaska.net/~nsfsa we are the largest volunteer fire department in Alaska.


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    Welcome ! I used to spend my summers in Raritan and I am well acquainted with your fast rising creeks !! Fell in a few in my lifetime ! Luckily I had one gutsy old aunt who at the age of 73 pulled me out of one when I was a kid. Another Bayonne resident here but I miss Raritan alot.
    Stay safe out there !

    Because HE lives I can face tomorrow

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    Slappy will you settle down!!!!!!!

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    Rartian? Hazlet? It sure is a small world! I am Ed Brando, here in Carthage Texas, and got my start with what used to be South Matwawan Twp. First Aid and Rescue Squad in what is now Aberdeen.

    I am a 1971 graduate of Matawan Regional, and we used to be rivals with Raritan. the final football game of the season was with Raritan and was played on Thanksgiving Day.

    I am Regional Director for East Texas Medical Center EMS and manage several stations in part of our system. We cover approximately 30,000 square miles in East Texas.

    I am also a volunteer (14 years) with Carthage Fire Department, and teach Handtool Extrication at Texas A&M University Fire Trainig School each year for the yearly Municipal Firefighters School. Handtool extrication is teaching how to pop doors, raise roofs, and all the other great things about destroying a vehicle with tools you can buy at a local hardware store or at your local Wal Mart.

    So that was a long hello, but I just wanted to intoduce myself. I will be back home for a family reunion in Toms River the last week in August.

    Be good, be kind, and be careful
    Ed Brando

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    Small world isn't it!!!!!! You can take the boy out of Jersey, but you CAN'T take the Jersey out of the boy!!!!


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