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    I just read that in Conyers, Georgia a student went to school and shot 6 people. This is exactly one month from the day that demons entered Columbine High School and killed 14 people. What is wrong with the world today that this kind of thing is happening. It is apparent that no place is safe from this. I am worried for everyone that has to go to school and have to fear their lives. A few years ago no one would even dream of coming to school and being shot. Something needs to be done! but what? No one can come up with a solution, I believe that there is not one. People are always going to pick on other people or do mean things to them that cause hate. Please pray for all the troubled people in the world..

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    Unfortunately, I think that all of the media coverage that these events are receiving are part of the reason they keep happening. I"m with you though, friend, we have ALL got to work together to try to keep this from continuing. The best way that we can do that is to start in our own homes. We can't worry about everyone else until we take care of our own. I'll be praying next to you!

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    Speaking as a member of the media(I work full time @ a TV/Radio station) I am appalled that TV/Radio stations are using these tradegies to boost thier ratings. Kids see this and think Hey, I can get the same noteriety. It is a sad state of affairs. My heart goes out to all the victims and their families, and to the emergency responders. I saw a bumper sticker once - "Russia put God back into school-America kicked Him out. Also, what would you rather see in school - guns, drugs, or a Bible. God bless you all as you serve.


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